• Offerings to the Gender-Based Violence Movement

    Expertise in Participatory

    Facilitation and Consultation

    As an expert in community-based, participatory research and trained facilitator, Dr. Nnawulezi designs participatory research processes with community partners to find innovative solutions to complex social problems. She builds, creates, and sustains meaningful collaborative relationships with different community stakeholders to leverage community expertise, enhance the empirical process, increase community power, and transform oppressive structures.


    She has documented these collaborative processes, which can be employed to implement community-based research and evaluation studies. For example, she is a co-author of an innovative toolkit on CBPR methods within the domestic violence field. It is the first of its kind and a distinctive contribution to the field, providing tools to enhance the relationship between domestic violence survivors, practitioners, and researchers.

  • Current and Previous Partners

    Domestic Violence Resource Network

    2020 - Present

    Research Workgroup Member

    National Innovation Service

    2019 - Present

    Baltimore, MD

    Research Advisor

    Ujima: The National Center on Violence Against Women in the Black Community

    2018 - Present

    Washington, DC

    Research and Evaluation Workshop Group Member

    Domestic Violence Action Research Collaborative

    2017 - Present

    Washington, DC

    Co- Founder and Research Advisor

    DC Coalition Against Domestic Violence

    2017 - Present

    Washington, DC

    Research and Evaluation Advisor

    National Resource Center on Domestic Violence

    2016 - Present

    Harrisburg, PA

    Research Advisor


    Consulting Comments

    Reviews and feedback from current and previous partners

  • Workshop Presentation Comments

    "I'm so grateful for her bravery in speaking on & addressing the subject as a REAL issue. I love her humor and how she validated all that I feel or have felt. Please invite her back! She has a wealth of knowledge that she's willing to share. Thank you for agreeing to come, being open & honest."

    Workshop Attendee

    "Nkiru Nnawulezi was precise and to the point. She brought to light, issues that I was not even aware of that persons of color are dealing with, on top of the reasons that brought them to those facilities in the first place. Very enlightening."

    Workshop Attendee

    "Knowledgable and presented in an open way. Facilitated much discussion which I think helped everyone connect with the issue even more. A lot of fun to listen to."

    Workshop Attendee

    "This was the best workshop I attended! The speaker gave practical ways to deal with microaggressions. She also gave me some great resources."

    Workshop Attendee

    "She kept it so real, was funny, and so informed."

    Workshop Attendee